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 Post subject: BtSix + MiJ concerning Deadzones + Thresholds
 Post Posted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 2:51 pm 

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I apologize in advance if this has been covered, but I could not find a relevant topic like this that wasn't too old already. (I didn't want to re-start an old thread, as it seems to anger people)

The question I have is geared towards those that have used BtSix before, although anybody is free to offer their thoughts. :)

I have used BtSix (with libusb + PPJoy) on my Win7 32-bit system exclusively. I have enjoyed many online FPS games with my sixaxis. I use the sixaxis in with my left hand in place of the keyboard, and use the mouse with my right hand. I find that this combination allows me the precision of a keyboard+mouse setup, while straining my left hand much less.

Now, BtSix is quite accurate, as when I move my joystick barely forward, the games respond accordingly. However, I find that with MiJ, there seems to be some lag. For example, in Left 4 Dead, with BtSix, I can easily change directions and the game responds accordingly. It just feels like with MiJ, there is a little lag before my character changes directions.

I think this is due to the Axis Deadzone and Button Threshold values, as they were 12 and 64 respectively. I have set my values to 0, and it seems like it's just as responsive as BtSix. However, I don't know how the Deadzone and Threshold works, so I'm not sure.

As I understand it, the joystick has a range from 0 - 255, and usually it'll sit around 127 (normal). If I'm correct, a Deadzone of 10 means that when the joystick hits 117 or 137, then it'll register a movement, which perhaps is causing the "lag" feeling I get. Therefore setting the Deadzone to 0 should in theory yield a 100% sensitive controller, as sensitive as BtSix (which does not have Deadzones).

I was hoping that there was somebody else out there who has used BtSix that can offer their insight in getting MiJ to feel as accurate and sensitive as BtSix. Or if somebody can enlighten me on how the Deadzone and Threshold values work.

I thank you kindly for patiently reading through my lengthy post, and for any advice you may share. :)

1) How do I get MiJ to be as responsive as BtSix?
2) How exactly do Axis Deadzone + Button Threshold work?

- Benihana -

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